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The mother early dies.The stroke like this lets she until can not release a bosom now.But Wang Bo pass away.The father's heavy disease is in the bed.Chen Mo Nong, Lin Bao Er, is one and other to nearby and most become intimate with a leaving of person.Almost make her become birds atartled by the mere twang of a bow.Really is a sensitive to the departure words like this abnormality.
The leaf walks the autumn to Tang Guo's in front.Stretch out finger to lightly wipe her eye socket flows down of tears.Say with a smile:"Think how am I?Don't come back any further?Just complete a very small task."
"?Isn't the Wei dangerous?"The Tang Guo get excited ground asks a way.The leaf autumn left a Yan city to go to the United States last time.They worry in the blue apartment frightened well long a period of time.Really would not like to hear a leaf again for autumn and carry out what ghost the news of task.
"It isn't dangerous."The autumn of the leaf smiles to shake head.
"That good.The autumn of the leaf.While leaving next time you.Is saying one with us good?We really worry you so much."Tang Guo Yi's face entreats ground to looking at a leaf for autumn.Qiao face tiny top Yang.In hopes of his reply.Face the last tear stain end is dry.Eyes dim moonlight.A Xuan however a little pity shape of desire Qi.
"Good.This time is that I neglected.I definitely notify you next time."The autumn of the leaf says.Wish.If an of notify them all.Afraid is the secret task has already no longer kept secret.
"H'm.This is just lovely."Tang Guo smiles through tears.
"Has uncle Tang's office someone ever used?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
"No one uses.Only I go in to sweep once weekly.Other anyones can not go in.How?"Tang Guo asks a way with interrogative look.
"I want to go in to seek some data.Can?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.If Tang Guo doesn't agree.Oneself is still true to go in.
"Certainly.Dad's ground the person who trusted most before is you and Wang Bo.It is regrettable.Wang Bo-----He-----."Think of at the beginning Wang Bo at the beginning he or she is for the sake of the protection.With the chest block next shot oneself's bullet, that act.Tang Guo's in the mind is mournful and matchless.The tears is another tears overflows.
Wang Bo.Although is Tang Jia's big servant.But he treat himself/herself but is like also a responsiblely elder.The father works busyness.Oneself all matter sons are what Wang Bo works hard at chores all alones.Is generous, kind and genial, kindness, very considerate.The father thoughts of.He did.The father has never thought ground.He thoughted of.
But.Kiss have been already died.Only one is yellow of photograph to consign to remember fondly.
The autumn of the leaf looking at Tang Guo's body tiny tremble.Appearance of sobbing.The in the mind is a burst of to love.Stretch hand to hug the female kid of this wretchedness in the bosom.The empress that slightly dauts her carries on the back.Say:"Good.Is all past.Don't so-----Wang Bo it works properly on sky.Don't hope as well that seeing you is so sad.Uncle Tang now still the obfuscation don't come to.The Tang is all of his strenuous efforts------You the responsibility is important now.Can must not cry to break down body."
The autumn of the leaf doesn't feel that he or she is an eloquence bungler.But how can not also organize to have demagogy ground language to comfort Tang Guo.Can tightly hug her body in the bosom.Use own strength to her some warmth and strength.
Ye Qiu feels.She almost took off dint all over.
"I have no matter son.I am just-----Just thought of Wang Bo.He hits by bullet to lie on the ground.The chest has been being bleeding.Still is concerning me-----Let people protect me------I very sad."Tang Guo's body is continuously to tremble.Break to continuously and continuously say.
"Stand on Wang Bo's position.He will feel that he's being like this is worthly.If he has no to save you.This time fear is that he is on the hoof even more suffered than dying.Fruit fruit.It not be thinking those.The matter that you want to do now.Be support the Tang.Don't rend away the Tang some persons who have ulterior motives or knock down------Words like that.You not only make Wang Bo disappoint.Will also let the disappointment of your uncle Tang."The leaf autumn voice is also some to sadly say.
For the dead of Wang Bo and the wound of Tang Bu Yi.His in the mind again isn't He Chang deeply concerned at heart?
"H'm.I am understand.The autumn of the leaf.You promise me.Don't leave me.Good?Never again anyone left.I am afraid that I will accept to can not stand."Tang Guo's hands grasp arm of leaf autumn.Nervously ask a way.Has been specially cut a ground of beautiful nail to stab and wound a leaf for autumn of skin.She also Hun however end feel.
"Good.I promise you.In no case leave."The autumn of the leaf formally nods."It is same.I once promised thick elder sister of your Mo and treasure son as well.Later.We also return to blue apartment."

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