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Lin Bao Er is some kind of to toss about, from the notebook in adjust a video frequency.Video frequency inside, open the door from Lin Bao Er, arrive a leaf to enter a house then touch chest for autumn until Lin Bao Er falls down of the matters all recorded down.
The special kind soldier compares a martial big match be over after, a lot ofs quitted to make to relieve also.Be like Lin Bao Er's this kind of calculator expert use video frequency the equipments is also no longer subjected to restriction.
"Hey Hey saw?I touch the lens of my chest to you to clap down.If you don't promise me to come with a marriage proposal to Lin Jia when the time comes, I give the grandpa this video frequency.He didn't give° you to die can not."Lin Bao Er dances and stamps ground to say.
Leaf's the autumn Pie Pie mouth says:"That is that you make me touch ground?Your grandpa will give° your wasteful female first to die."
"Do you take me for simpleton?"The anti- Ji way of Lin Bao Er."I otherly the video frequencies all deleted, stay your hand to touch my chest ground this appearance good.Other exactly take place what matter, my grandpa just can't care."
Leaf autumn a head of cold sweat.
"Hey Hey, leaf autumn, this descends you to run not to drop, I was your person.Don't be sad, come, smile a , I hereafter will need your ground well."Lin Bao Er is fat of the finger hang up chin of leaf autumn, very the rascal ground says.
Awake from sleep, the head is a bit tiny painful.Although the leaf autumn is called thousand cups not to inebriate, but only he knows, the strong anaesthesia of the alcohol be still will to he some influence.So, the number of times that he drinks at ordinary times combines not much.
The autumn of the leaf was dressed in four Cape shorts to push away Chou outside the dynasty in the room door one eye, many special kind soldier's troopses are putting away luggage to have organization ground to leave and stop for the night area front of many people of big square is taking leave.Don't beat not to acquaint with, everyone stayed in the same underground base for several days, a lot of member of team of different troopses all knot next deep comity.
The man's comity always come of very puzzling, together lead a window, once carried on the shoulder gun and Piao to lead a bawdry together and once divided together together dirty can make them build up life and death friendship, a smoke, one cup wine, or say to is an argument it contend for or equal strengthly fight can make them clever people like clever people, see if brothers.
Today is time that all troopses leave a base, the training headquarters of violet squad in the Yan capital city, so they have reason to walk more calmly somely than the other people naturally.At least, need not rush through time.
The autumn of the leaf beat a yawn, preparation again return to sleep in a short while of time, see a group of women's heroic bearing of strong breeze squad direct and simplely line up a brigade form to walk to come over.
The autumn of the leaf is walked with them the most anterior captain the look in the eyes of the silver Li's touching is wearing, the circumstances changes a while of embarrassed.
Stay at first, he whole body top and bottom all was dressed in a small pants, other parts all**nakedly expose still had some cold airs in the morning in.And the man all has the habit of the Bo in morning in the morning, he that returns the robust degree of strong younger brother younger brother on the whole although have no way and 《black and pure and beautiful school for girls flower 》or 《 once wore your body my old two 》 of type ground movie inside ground black male the leading role compare, , you always don't can completely neglect to say that it is a toothpick it?
Send back and also be unsuited to proper."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.Early morning ground.There is a small beauty Dou that quarrel is also a happy matter son.
"Like good.Your returning is really hatred house and keep fighting on meeting."The silver Li makes a noise to obstruct quarreling of 2 people and return overdo looking at waterfowl, the cajolery ground says:"Want to be not, do we recruit leaf autumn strong breeze squad to once be to attach a horse?"
"Captain.You-----How do you talk for an outsider."The waterfowl has never thought captain to in public open his/her own fun and immediately became a big flower face, saying of Jiao Chen, the romantic feeling of to the utmost little daughter's house.Whether their artistic skills are how high strong or not, but physiological age up, they are still 20-year-old blooming flower season young girls.

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