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"Treasure son, the matter this time, I really help not and up what favour.You are a women by yourself, and the other women should be better to talk, if I run to look for person a house to want sanitary napkin.How to see me the meeting of the other people?Still have.Your elder brother is the person who is the most suitable to match to help you, he is a review committee.The power is very big in the base.As long as he says a words, the many people has to run about on errands for him.I calculate what?It is a to out of the runly take part in a game member of team.Talk again loudly, also no one listens to mine."The autumn of the leaf earnestly instructs and wants to give° Lin Bao Er to advise his elder brother there.
"Do not go.I feel that seeking you is more suitable."Lin Bao Er Jue wears a mouth to shake head.
"Why each time is seek my accommodation?The contract matrimony seeks me and lends the sanitary napkin this kind of matter son you to also seek me."
"Because you are a good person."
Are you a good person.All of your whole familieses are good persons.
Forcing to allure in the Wei of Lin Bao Er spoilt daughter of a rich family is next, the leaf autumn has to the task of accepting this very humiliation:The going to lends sanitary napkin for Lin Bao Er spoilt daughter of a rich family.
The first target that the autumn of the leaf takes aim at is river Yan purple.But leaf the autumn sought 1 turn, didn't discover a river Yan purple figure.And, the leaf autumn doubts that this woman exactly uses need not sanitary napkin.
The second target was a waterfowl.She was the member of team of strong breeze squad, touched hand but luck by oneself greatly good, unexpectedly got into a four-wheeler game, oneself gave them the captain to open a medicine again square and taught the Shu of tuina, her naturally shoulded save to appreciate to she's heart.
And, where is this wench sitting to have a meal.All nearby is the member of team of strong breeze squad, if she doesn't have this trick, can also borrow° from her teammate.
Take part in a game a troops in addition to all of the strong breeze squad are female, the violet squad is an in addition to women, other special kind war brigade ground member of team uniformly of man.Even if the leaf autumn wants to ask for help them, there is also no use.He and the staff member of base are again not familiar, want to invite a their help is also can not open.
Now.The only choice was a strong breeze squad.
Does the waterfowl by accident get into a four-wheeler game, is made fun by the teammates, see leaf's a face smile for autumn the idea ground coming over here toward her.
Waterfowl a bit panic, he come dry what?
Leaf the earth's surface is cruel too much, taken a devil to call nickname now autumn morning.See beaming with smiles appearance of leaf for autumn now, the waterfowl not only don't feel to make amiable and on the contrary make her feel that the leaf is a devil that wears a mask for autumn, just and stage by stage facing they walk up.While waiting until him to walk to own in front.Then will by hand on the face on putting on, tored a piece of skin of meat down, one face terrible ground of Zheng Ning looking at himself/herself.
At the beginning, he dead strength the son ground kick dozen to beat on the ground and ground the woman without pubic hair with vacillating top is taking this kind of smiling face on the face.
"Ha ha, each beauty good.BE having a meal?The silver Li captain ground condition a good many?"The autumn of the leaf roars with laughter ground to say.Give° the silver Li first to lift out, can acquire these people so ground good will.
"H'm.The captain is much better.The autumn of the leaf, do you occupy?"The waterfowl station starts to say.Although he some the autumns that fear a leaf, but proceed from courtesy.But have to stand up to cope with the man who has boon at the captain.
"Ha ha, I nothing important matter son, be come to ask-----Ask the condition of the injury of your captain."The autumn of the leaf embarrassedly says.In fact he is to mean to say be come to ask you to have to take sanitary napkin ground, can that sentence he stills has no to speak.
"Many thanks to concern.Your church the Shu of my tuina.I will give the captain massage for a hour every day.Now captain before chest------The blood clot of front has been already turned to open, there is behind also little bit.Presumably do again two can be getting better."The waterfowl gratefully says.This appreciating is a hair from the heart ground and come from oneself to become intimate with person's ground to recover from illness most .
The leaf autumn point nods and says:"That good.That I trusted."
Then, the atmosphere becomes a ground of embarrassed.

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