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The autumn of the leaf becomes overdo.Looking at an one face of Lin Bao Er to try to please of flatter kind.Don't like saying of spirit:"BE be not have again what matter request me?"
Lin Bao Er frighteneds.The small mouth opens widely into O matrix.Eyes also stare very round.Shockedly ask a way:"Are you how can anyone know?Have I ever before once told you?"
"Do not I still understand you?You are one Jue bottom.I know that you have to change sanitary napkin."Leaf autumn the Pie mouth say.
If is thin to count, the leaf autumn discovers that he or she has never suffered a los on Chen Mo Nong and has never suffered a los on Tang Guo, but it happened that ate many suffering in looking silly ground the body of Lin Bao Er.This wench is absolutely a devil, like a gold Yong a role Sun person's disadvantage of the Zhao 《time immemorial double Jiao 》 inside already white happy.
As long as canning see other people unlucky, she appearance with happy look.Also ignore oneself to have to therein get what advantage.
And, this wench are the facial expressions that is all such a to try to please before doing evil things each time, shout four words of leaf's elder brother Qiu ground sticky densely and good brothers card the all-powerful gum is general, let the Human body body keep cringing, tremble to fall a ground of chicken skin pimple.
The autumn of the leaf was easy to read to say a sentence you are one Jue bottom, I know you have to change sanitary napkin and have never thought this time unexpectedly and surprisedly Lin Bao Er is dumbstruck.
"You how can anyone know do I want to change sanitary napkin?"Very long, Lin Bao Er is surprised to shout a way.
"E-----Literally guess."The leaf autumn look in the eyes weirdly saw Lin Bao Er's one eye and asked a way:"Do you really want to change sanitary napkin?"
"Yes.Is very strange.I today just come, you how can know of?You-----Still record I come to this monthly of date?"Lin Bao Er makes reference to a behind and unexpectedly and seldom peep out a to put on on the face awkward and shy.H'm, also mix up with a just a tiny bit happy felling.
"This-----It is this time to just probably guess.Do you change sanitary napkin and run to seek my stem what?"The autumn of the leaf says.
Oneself isn't a sanitary napkin again, can make her clip at two the legs is in the center.
"But I don't have sanitary napkin."The one face of Lin Bao Er is bitter to mutually say."This base inside has no market again.Want to buy to all have no a place to buy.Live a ground of room inside and didn't prepare this.----Leaf's elder brother Qiu.How do I do?"Lin Bao Er grasps arm of leaf autumn to flutter to say.
"Can look for person to borrow.The base inside still has many female staff members.They should take this kind of thing."The autumn of the leaf says.
"That how not bashful.The somebody else is a girl."
"------Are the girls all ashamed?Let a man horse?"Leaf autumn a head of cold sweat, flounce Lin Bao Er ground cuddle, the body moved quite a few to tread backward.
"You run what?I can not eat you again.Leaf's elder brother Qiu, you arrange somehow for me not very good?I know that you must be successful.This has no in the world you to don't good matter son.Leaf's elder brother Qiu-----Teacher, the Tu son is difficult, you would not° until help me go."Lin Bao Er sticks up again and pulls a hand of leaf autumn.Don't depend on Rao ground not to say.
"Treasure son release me quickly.This is the dining room, notice influence.------That, I feel, this kind of matter son, your elder brother should be able to help you.He is a big match review committee, needs a words, immediately have a staff member to think a way for him."Leaf autumn the vigilance ground see on all sides, didn't discover Lin Cang Lan's figure.This just lets go of heart and frees to Lin Bao Er to clip own arm between her two milks to rub.
"Do I just ignore them.You are my teacher, still my end comes to husband,still needs to fear other people how see?My elder brother doesn't go and be like a piece of wood, affirmation can not help me.And, this kind of matter son, I how not bashful say toward the elder brother."
"That aren't you bashful to say with me?"
"Yes.You are my contractual husband."
"But that be just contractually.It isn't a real bed and board."
"H'm, if you are good.I will consider becoming you positive."Lin Bao Er was slanting cerebellum melon to want to think and in earnest say.
"This-----Become a positive matter hereafter say again.You are so excellent, beautiful and generous, clever lovely, good natured,-----Always say that you are a good person, I don't deserve you."
Lin Bao Er be still for the first time drive leaf the autumn cry up, the small face is happy to become a flower, and sweet ground of Zi Zi says:"Leaf's elder brother Qiu is also very good.It is some porns just."

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