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The whole morning is almost the vengeance matches of fifth troops.Because they drive leaf autumn defeat, so this Nu idea transfer each they meet of in the opponent body.
Now then the world member of team's severely wounded leads to also suddenly increase.Often see the doctor lift to carry to come to severely wounded a ground of contestant not to lift next cure.
In the morning six games, the member of fifth troops occupied 4.In addition to leaf the autumn won a , they ground other 3 compete three to fight three to win.Another time divides for fifth troops taking down three.
All people all know that if have no miracle to appear, the fifth throne that the integral calculus may finally make them get hold of a team champion.
Their whole real strenght really was too strong.And other squads be basically not in a file time.
After the game in morning ends, Yan pleasant breeze well-manneredly and other review committees get after beating hello then and hastily rush through toward the small scaled hospital of base pass by.^^ ^^
Lying on today's sickbed in the hospital is full to harm a member.Mostly is yesterday's game severely wounded and today lately- delivered wound member.
The Yan pleasant breeze rushes through past of time, the temporary captain of fifth troops' being greedy for wolf and field mouse is standing small voice to talk by the side of the sickbed of the Mosasaurus.
See the Yan pleasant breeze come over, 2 people body station ground perfectly straight.It is thus clear that, Yan pleasant breeze at the fifth troops has absolute leadership dint.
"Mosasaurus how?"The Yan pleasant breeze smiles to ask a way.The person who understands Yan pleasant breeze all knows that his this kind of smiling face represents-----Fighting and cruelty.
Past.They already the innumerable coldly once realized.
"The doctor says to need to be taken a rest for one and half months to two months.Carry on the shoulder stroke ability and medicine by Mosasaurus to maintain.Probably needing a month can resume."Be greedy for wolf to make collective report to say.
"Is so serious?"The Yan pleasant breeze surprisedly asks a way.In his in the mind, think Mosasaurus rest can recover from illness for 23 days.Unexpectedly but want to take a rest to be so long.
"Yes.The doctor says.If the fist of the other party again right move 0.5 cms.Mosasaurus it is very likely that the one punch dies."Be greedy for wolf to at quiet say, eye inside but is an intention to murder to to the utmost show.
The facial expression of the Yan pleasant breeze is also a burst of Yin Li.Looking at to be greedy for wolf to say:"Warning everyone has to sink ground to live spirit.Even if was greedy for wolf to hurt, we still seven member of team get into the third game.And, will also battle out personal end champion.That time, you or the other member of team certanly will again meet leaf for autumn.That time, is us for is greedy for the opportunity that the wolf revenges."
Be greedy for wolf to appreciate the meeting absolute being head in the location.Just that guy towards the scene of captain hard thumb on the filed of play, they all saw.
This person can not stay.
The several people just small voice says words, and then has a group of persons hugged into this in general use for use by the military medical sickroom.
Isn't hatred house don't gather a head, comer is exactly with the fifth troops have the leaf of enemy to wait a person for autumn.
The autumn of the leaf they are to come to call on to get hurt hospitalized camel and crazy, 2 people are in the situation the heavy hand of the fifth troops fight after, all wound respectively.
See Yan pleasant breeze also in this small illness building, leaf autumn that dares to give up this to fight his ground opportunity.Smilingly walk to the Yan pleasant breeze in front, say with a smile:"It is sorry.Unexpectedly a carelessly start heavy.You ground the member of team are also really some not through beat----.How to say doctor?Probably how many months can get up?You see.It is really ashamed.Can not go out, either in the base.Want to buy some son fruits to call on him not to go."The Yan pleasant breeze towards river Yan purple tiny nod, one face sneer the ground say:"There is Lao that concern about.However the fruits never mind.If you lift fruits to come over today and wait until tomorrow you lie the time here, I again arrive where seek to fruits to back and forth present?"
"Ha ha, the Yan captain is very kind.I am afraid is have no the opportunity enjoyed this kind of treatment, however your member of team pour is have much of an opportunity."The leaf autumn Song shrugs shoulders Bang to say.
"BE?That waits to see.Next time, you have already done not so well control breath."Yan pleasant breeze one face despise the ground looking at for autumn, the leaf once stretched head small voice to say by the side of the his ear:"You think.Can walk with your this trick to which tread?The throne of champion is to so easily sit last."

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