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The dark strength son is an equal strength opponent**contact after, feel to have no ability the opportunity that the opponent knock down.But is a moment to deliver a kind of superb technique of dint.Is also so-called two heavy strength.
The Mosasaurus is after feeling that oneself's one punch doesn't gain advantage.There is no again delivering of cleft dint.But have never thought the fist of the other party to also equally send out one violent have no of strength, will he the ground is dark strength son to fold to eliminate.
Now 2 people ground the fist arrive together.Became again the originality of strength than put together.
"How?Unexpectedly?"The autumn of the leaf laughs merrily to say and peep out a white cleanly tooth.
The Mosasaurus again feels shocked, can he unexpectedly also talk in this time?
The moment that falls in the his facial expression astounded mind, the fist of leaf autumn fiercely and again puts effort and give°s the Mosasaurus to push to go out a while.The body Dian Qiang of Mosasaurus retreat several step, this just stood firm a heel.
Whole field Hua however!
The violent real strenght that all people are all come out by the leaf's autumn performance shocked, but the more than ten members of the fifth troops Shua ground all stood a while.
Obviously, they can't believe at present fact.
Dark strength son, legendary two heavy strength, that hairs didn't grow well-found guy how will also use?
The smiling face on the Yan pleasant breeze face solidified, a face Yin maliciously stared at the leaf on the field autumn.
Lin Cang Lan is also a heart vibration, the real strenght of the fifth troops he is knowing.This guy, unexpectedly does the ability give° him to tee off?
Seem, more and more come from own unexpected happening.
"Since from take place, we always at compare put together energy.So, we up divide a victory or defeat here.The one punch is your lord to offend.Second boxing, we act at the same time.Third boxing, is isn't that it's my turn?"The autumn of the leaf looking at a Mosasaurus and smilingly says.
The Mosasaurus can't consider as common opponent of at present this guy to treat any further, pensively, the legs tied a sheet iron plum Ma Zhuang's power, the hands clench fist, body of joints beginning the Mao Mao Mao Mao make ring, with fry in oil a bean.
For use by the military camouflage on the body is supported old Gao, if isn't best data reason, appearing to be like novel about swordsmen an inside is afraid superior a sport, the clothes on the body Pa ground one shook the circumstance that smashes.
The clothes cloth at that time really differs, those clothing companies are affirmative have never got international quality system of international ISSO9001 attestation.
The autumn of the leaf looks on coldly.
He knows that this is 1 kind to lift to annoy a method.Whole body all joints especially the strength of the loins all transfer in the fist.Cope with a leaf for autumn with this the attack of third boxing BE.
Wait until after the sound on the Mosasaurus body stop, the right boxing that he has been gripping is slightly trembling.Don't doubt that performance that is that the A Kang gland hormone is excessive or kidney falsely, that because the strength Chong Ying of fist hopes earnestly to break out to release of early sign.
"Get ready?That pick me up of the third boxing try."The autumn of the leaf says.
The Mosasaurus facial expression is apathetic, but very obvious, he has already done enough preparation.
Eyes Mi rises, the corner of mouth is tiny to up raise.The leaf autumn list clenches fist, then also starts to be rapid of dynasty the right boxing infuse to note energy.After three seconds, body of leaf autumn suddenly demon's sort move to move, quick if lightning flash.
The Mosasaurus is like a wild beast sort for getting hurt to loudly roar a way and fight an idea towering.
If leaf's autumn eye lightning flash, the right boxing has already flicked out.The Mosasaurus worked well an of accolade power, on the floor, the double feet,such as standing of nail,'s fist also flicked a huge radian.
The eye sees 2 people's fist to collide together, the female host of timidity and assembly hall female staff member unexpectedly frighten ground to shut last eyes.
Strength collision like this, it is the whole arms to fear will break?
Anticipate mediumly bump shot don't appear, the Mosasaurus Xu certainly and already a long time flicks to go out of the fist unexpectedly end up in nothing.
The fist that the autumn of the leaf flicks to go out while wanting to collide with Mosasaurus fist, suddenly body a short, fist quickly under move.Then the one punch shot the chest of Mosasaurus.

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