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The ice snow cleverness of Li Xing Hua early sees Zhang Qiu livinging to seem to do with malice, but due to numerous teacher present, still keep speaking own number.
Liao learns a soldier heart way:"Hold his mama of, Lao Tze the madness have learned a computer and particularly steeped a girl online since tomorrow!"
The facial expression of Su's beauty is always very thin, to what all not that interested.But this very shallow facial expression more sees more charming.Seem to drink one cup water, have no honey so sweet, have no wine so vigorously.The honey is sweet will get fed up with a person, strong drink got drunk originator of a loan association pain, only water's drinking don't feel, but lack to don't drink not to go for a day, have already integrated into the liquid in the life, but Su ice cloud smile as if 1,100 Weises put at the same time, that kind of brilliant go to pole of stunning can absolutely let artificial this own life that smiles but willing gives up.
Boring old Liao wishes:"This kind of woman even if on feelings match not, the lane goes home when the vase keeps an eye also quite good!"
"So settled so, teacher Mo was responsible for contacting a star website.Li Xing Hua your a few students is responsible for warming up this matter.As for student after falling in love with art, we class Wei will have Be getting more busy.It is first heretofore today.Our 陫 keeps a contact."The decision in senior clerk.
The atmosphere is very delicate at present, Lyu Kai's affectation tidies up a document and steal an eye to take aim Su ice cloud.It is also keeping watch on Mo that he settles for the rival in love composition always Tai and Liao to learn a soldier at the same time.Zhang Qiu livings Sou Li Xing Hua show off his/her own not encyclopedic scholarship, but Mo always Tai unexpectedly direct openings way:"Teacher Su, if you are free tonight I invite you to have rice."
This words as soon as speak, immediately and at least 56 people hold breath to wait for continuation and include severals to like big beauty ground of Su among them student.Su ice cloud seems didn't seem to hear, separate for a long time just say:"To not card tower the Ni is second, I ain't available in the evening.Su ice cloud seem to don't hear, separate for a long time just say:"Execuse me, I ain't available in the evening, if your beginning come suddenly to want to know the new colleague communicates feelings, rather invite senior clerk."
Liao learns none of soldiers to know why he or she hears this sentence breathing a sigh of relief.
Mo always Tai the full face is astounded, don't thought of to unexpectedly be refused, this facial expression turns in a sudden since die, his milli- inattentively a smile:"Senior clerk, everyone is getting harder, rather goes to the jade Yu Qiong building and has a potluck together today, I pay, the classmates also all go together."
The Qiong building that Lyu Kai is original meaning to mean to say jade Yu you can please, however feel that he is different from again to is braggart, words an export idea of aiming at too obvious, there is dinner not to eat white not to eat, withdraw previous remark a way:"If you pay me to definitely accept."
Mo Tai always claps his shoulder:"Must come, I just thinking seek and the opportunity promote feelings with you."Lyu Kai very stiff head in the location.Result in addition to Liao learns a soldier, Su ice cloud and Li Xing Hua, the others all mean to participate in feelings exchanges meeting of new athletics teacher.This is always thin the Tai still really win hearts by illegitimate mean and miss my old Liao to come to half month didn't°yet a few friends, the office floats to concuss three a mean guest the nature don't calculate at inside.
3 people come out art museum and record Chang soldier to far and far mourn in the behind.Lyu Kai at first intend with and Su big beauty walked a road, turned read a think anyway Su ice cloud in times gone by spoke bluntly to him, why the need for ask to be rebuffed, taught Liao learned soldier, Mo always Tai with laughing stock?Then continue foolish in the art room and the students, who prepare to take advantage of,s discuss the dining detail in evening.
The art museum outside is one starting becoming is yellow of the parasol tree of lawn and low short bushes, bald, in the center have the teaching building that a cement road leads to gymnasium and outside, Su ice cloud and Li Xing Hua once wears cement ground and suddenly had a burst of breeze and kissed the withered parasol tree leaf of Huang Di to their body, the 2 people favour shrunk shoulders to avert from leaf and combined together with this artistic conception, disconsolate and charming in the autumnal winds, just like John ·Kang Si too the style of writing of Bo Er of autumn painting book,

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