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When you want to try human hair wigs or have began to use it, you may have some questions about it. This article will give you four questions about the hair wig and the answer may help you.

Do The Hair Wig Damage The Original Hair?
Yes, human hair wigs protect our hair from wind, snow, dirt, and other pollution in the air. So the human hair wig is good for the health of your original hair. In this case, a 100% human hair wig is vital that whichever type of wig.

Maybe we prefer to get the bundles than installing Brazilian lace front wigs, whatever install the bundles or wigs, we suggest you find a stylist who has the license, the street-stylists may ruin your hair and the good mood.

West Kiss have sold 100% human hair for more than 10 years, on the official website, all the hair is guaranteed as 100% human hair. We always get a suggestion to use high-quality human hair instead of the cheap and trashy ones. Human hair has a longer lifespan, we will waste more time and money for maintaining and repairing the cheap and trashy hair. Calculating all the elements, we will be calm to choose the 100% human hair instead of inspired by the discounted trashy hair.

Are The Shampoo And Conditioner Effective In Caring Hair Wig?
Yes, the shampoo and conditioner are effective in cleaning and maintaining hair. Our customers always use high-quality shampoo to wash cheap lace front human hair wigs, taking a small lump of shampoo on the palm and rub it to form a foam, apply the foam for the hair and cap and gently comb the hair to remove the dirt, but only washing isn’t enough for hair, like own hair, we use the conditioner after washing every time, human hair needs the extra hair care as well. In the winter, oil and nourishing conditioner could prevent the human hair from dryness and roughness after washing. The oil and nourishing conditioner could add moisture and luster to your hair. But all the things are base on high-quality human hair and conditioner.

Can The Hair Wig Be Dyed Or Bleached?
Normally, our natural black human hair could be dyed and bleached, the lightest color is #27. But the professional stylists are crucial in the whole hair processing. Just be careful to avoid the strong chemical to dyeing hair. Even the hair experts to process the hair for you, the hair will be weaker after all the hair processing, such as coloring and bleaching. Basic hair care is necessary to enjoy the perfect hair looking.

How To Protect The Real Hair?
As we stated in previous paragraphs, the 100% human hair, high-quality shampoo and conditioner, correct hair care method, and professional hairstylists. Those are important elements to keep the hair in good condition, not all. For example, the curly hair combing method is important.

If we use the closed and hard teeth brush to comb hair, the brush will damage the hair curl and texture, the hair will become tangled, the strong pulling could ruin the whole wig. But if we use our hands to comb the hair, the hair always has good performance and is easy to care.

There are many reasons when the transparent lace wig becomes bad and shedding, wrong solving and repairing in upset wouldn’t get a better result. The best solutions for problems are daily precaution, don’t let wrong hair care method become the straw that broke the camel's back.

All the things about human hair wigs you can learn on West Kiss Hair’s blog, they have write a lot knowledge about the wigs, such as care tips, hairstyles recommendations and products introductions. Hope you can enjoy it.

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