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MB&F has launched a new version of the jellyfish-style HM7 Aquapod.MB&F Horological Machine N7 aquapod red sapphire, Made from platinum, this new watch is the most precious metal with striking new tones - as well as three-dimensional "floating" hours and minutes.

The HM7 Aquapod Platinum Red comes from the deepest part of the ocean of timepieces, the free-floating digital appendages and the unprecedented transparency of the heart that beats it: the 60-second flying tourbillon.

Unlike previous versions of Aquapod, which represent hours and minutes through a rotating ring with a transfer number, the HM7 Platinum Red uses titanium-engraved three-dimensional numbers. Metals are specially chosen for their lightness in order to minimize the extra marginal load on the engine. However, this mechanical advantage comes at a price because titanium is denser and stronger than the aluminum index of the previous Aquapod version.HUBLOT MP-11 POWER RESERVE 14 DAYS SAPPHIRE 911.JX.0102.RW

The rods that connect the hour and minute numbers to their respective mounting rings are painted black in DLC (diamond-like carbon), completing the ethereal floating effect associated with the drifting jellyfish.

The HM7 Platinum Red replaces the previous Aquapod version of the Tomahawk tourbillon bridge with a transparent sapphire component. The flying tourbillon of the HM7 engine is displayed in an unprecedented way, with the aura of high-brightness AGT as the highlight.

In addition to the AGT ring surrounding the flying tourbillon, the luminescent material can be found on the surface of the laser engraved markings and hour and minute numbers of the unidirectional rotating bezel. These are uncolored Super-LumiNovas that emit white light when exposed to light.www.bestluxurysale.com

The HM7 Platinum Red is self-winding and the 391 component engine is fully developed in-house by MB&F. The HM7 Platinum Red comes with a platinum case, bezel and clasp, limited to 25 pieces, each with three interchangeable belts (red, white and black) made of aircraft grade rubber.

technical details
Limited Edition: Platinum 950, Red Sapphire Crystal Bezel
3D vertical structure, self-winding, by MB&F
Central flight 60 second tourbillon interior conception and development with sapphire balance bridge
Power reserve: 72 hours
Balanced frequency: 2.5 Hz / 18,000 bph
Titanium and three-dimensional wound rotor platinum
Quantity: 391
Number of jewels: 35

Open the oversized ceramic central bearing by the hour and minute of the two 5-level titanium disk white flight figures
One-way rotating bezel for elapsed time
Super-LumiNova winding rotor on the numbers, marking and
Parallel from the AGT Ultra technology round segment (African tourbillon (Ambiant Glow Technology) around the flying tourbillon
Double crown: left side, right time setting

Spherical structure
Material: Platinum 950
Size: 53.8 mm x 21.3 mm
Quantity: 83
Water resistance: 50 m / 150 ft / 5 atm

Sapphire crystal
Sapphire crystal on top and bottom, treated with anti-reflective coating on both sides

Strap and buckle
The rubber strap is molded from aircraft grade fluorocarbon FKM 70 Shore A elastomer and is available in 3 colours, red, black and white, with a platinum folding clasp.

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