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Recently, many friends have asked me to recommend some books to everyone. In fact, I am an ordinary writer. I read the information occasionally every day. There is no complete time to read some professional books. Of course, I have been mentioning and breaking my own thinking, so much knowledge is available. Reading is not to say that I recommend, you can do it. Here to talk about some suggestions on reading, I hope everyone after the 90s can digest well, you can see the speed of the development of the Internet, but can not see the speed of the development of book knowledge. The knowledge we learn in college is actually outdated, because it is hard to really use it in society. If you graduate from work for a year without learning, then 80% of the knowledge is outdated. If you don��t study for three years, you will basically derail. Fashion is not fashionable, but it is internal, because the more you go, the more books you read, the more you will accumulate. Therefore, many people insist on writing, insist on reading, and finally can keep up with the pace of society. Everyone wants me to recommend reading books because everyone thinks that my knowledge is a bit more and that the books I read are right for you Parliament Cigarettes. In my opinion, this is not the case. There are too many books, but there are not many good books. So everyone asks me for books. Everyone wants to find a good book to read. This is actually a choice. A lot of fashionable books, big books are not really good for him, because he is good at speculation. For example, the book about how to do micro-business is very hot some time ago. Relatively speaking, why do so many classical artists study, because the book contains not words but feelings. It can be said that a good book can change your book to a hundred bad books Newport 100S. I said it very early, so that everyone can see less success. The premise of successful learning is that your heart has changed and it has been precipitated. Like the success of Chen Anzhi��s teacher, are you sure you understand it? Do you understand what you have done? So now you are 90 years old and 20 years old, look at thinking or those books that you can participate in. Even if I look at some of the knowledge that my peers have mastered, the book doesn't have to be booked to be a book. I want to ask everyone another question: Why don't you like to read a physical book? Of course, many of my readers now come from major website platforms Marlboro Lights. But I still recommend everyone to look at the physical book Online Cigarettes, a book is also tens of dollars! I don't know why you are reluctant to do so. Everyone often reads some books online. At best, there are a lot of novels. And the knowledge of garbage is also very much. The reason why I say that everyone really can't study, because everyone is going to study online, why are they learning the law of "elephant into the refrigerator", hoping to learn knowledge. As everyone knows, the knowledge of reading is slowly precipitated. Then talk about the so-called professional books, I believe that many friends should go to college, then the university has professional courses. This is your professional book, and you can talk about it in a general business. By the same token, professional books can enhance their professionalism. You can see that psychologists are professional psychologists, economists are also economics. If you study together, then your professionalism is stronger, and the easier it is to survive in the social competitiveness. The reason why the society develops faster and faster, many friends say that in the north-south Guangzhou-Shenzhen first-tier cities, they simply can��t breathe. . In fact, I am also empathetic because of this sentence, because everyone is getting faster and faster, the same reading is the same. How to improve efficiency? A book actually has an outline. It is not that you don't look at the outline. Just go down one page at a time and read it. Instead, look for what you don't understand and look at it with interest so that you can improve your efficiency. Those who read thousands of books a year are doing this until the class, the teacher will let us take notes. The same is true for reading, and the good memory is not as good as the bad one. Since you are going to read this book, this book must be digested, which is why I look at emotions and see the sentiments of books like poor fathers and rich dads Wholesale Cigarettes. The sentiment is your own thoughts. After you have a great help for your own thinking, you will insist on seeing them, and don't recommend them. For example, if you feel that you are short of money, then you should read the book on how to make money; you feel that your mind is not mature. Read a book that makes you think about change; if you feel that you have a mental disorder, read a book that will make you psychologically improve. Everyone has their own way to go, books read by others, and others who are not on the road are suitable for themselves. So I still have to explore it myself, how to read the book really.
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